Zombies OUTBREAK Trailer: Black Ops Cold War

Zombies OUTBREAK Trailer: Black Ops Cold War

Yesterday the trailer dropped for a brand new mode upcoming for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Activation announced the launch of Outbreak, a new large scale Zombies affair, set on massive maps of War Zone proportions. Set up in the Ural Mountains, this looks like an excellent, and natural evolution of the Zombies formula, no doubt welcomed by the steadfast community that have followed the theme since 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

You can check out the fill trailer, aired by the official Call of Duty YouTube channel below:

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Zombies OUTBREAK trailer dropped on 23rd of Feb, launches on the 25th

The new feature will launch with Season 2 of Cold War, which debuts on Thursday 25th of February, 8pm GMT. Even better still, the game mode will be free to play for the first week from launch. This will accompany a number of multiplayer maps, and other Zombies content available or all to sample, until Thursday the 4th of March, one week later.

It’s fair to say that the tried and tested Zombies formula has been rolled out in much the same state for over a decade. True, there have been some stand outs; Black Ops 2’s Origins was a well thought out homage to the beginnings of the now series staple. But there have been duds, and at root little has changed in style and format. Bringing the game mode to an open world is certainly an interesting direction, with more objective based gameplay taking the place of the usual levelling system. The obvious inclusion of vehicles in the trailer speaks to the size of the arena, but whether this will be more Day-Z or just Zombies with cars remains to be seen.

The great news is this launches exactly one day before Games Blast, so be sure to check in from 12pm Friday 26th of February and we’ll certainly be playing this at some point. See you then.

Source; Screen Rant