July 2, 2022

Zeus’ Battlegrounds Weekly Tournaments

Are you a Battle Royale fan?  Would you like to win some money?  Well Industry Games may have the tournament for you.  Throughout the month of December Industry Games will be holding weekly tournaments for Zeus’ Battlegrounds.  They will be awarding over $10,000 in prizes to the top players.

Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a free-to-play battle royale game available on PC via Steam.  You play a Demigod summoned by Zeus and your goal is to defeat all other Demigods to claim a spot in Olympus.  There can be up to 100 competitors present in each battle.  Similar to other battle royale games you have the ability to play both male and female characters, receive legendary weapons, upgrade your armor and earn dozens of cosmetic items.   Zeus’ Battlegrounds also allows for solo and team play, however the tournament is for solo play only.

The tournament will span 4 weeks with cash prizes for the top players each week.  The weeks are set as follows:

  •   1:  December 1 – 7th
  •   2:  December 8 – 14th
  •   3:  December 15 – 21st
  •   4:  December 22 – 28th

Weekly rewards will be given out to the top players as follows:

  •   1st: $1000 Cash
  •   2nd: $500 Cash
  •   3rd: $250 Cash
  •   4th – 10th: $50 Steam Gift Card
  •   11th – 50th: $20 Steam Gift Card

There has been no indication as to this being a region specific tournament.  The first week has just started so it’s not too late to join.  Make sure to check out the game website for the full list of rules.

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Will you be joining in the battle to win some prizes?  Let us know in the comments below.

Photos courtesy of Games Press

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