July 3, 2022

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild fan animation looks amazing

An animated video has been doing the rounds on YouTube based on Nintendo’s recent The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which released on Wii U and Switch back in 2017. For the Zelda fan animation being only 1 minute & 45 seconds long, it captures a decent amount of elements from the game that can occur out on its world map and it’s jaw-dropping to look at.

Produced by 2 animators named Youyang Kong & Qianya Yin, with music produced by Sihan Yuan & sound by Douhou, it took 2 months to complete the short animation. From personal experience of creating animation pieces back in university that were roughly 30 seconds long that took around 3 months to complete everything, you can certainly appreciate the hard work that went into making this piece.

Now bearing in mind this is a fan animation and Nintendo wouldn’t have been involved in the making of this, they do have a history of taking down fan related projects, such as the recent Metroid 2 remake that was being made for PC before Nintendo released their own remake for example. But considering that the animation hasn’t given created for monetary gain and just out of pure passion, here’s hoping the Big N will let one this ride out.

Heck, if there are ever plans that surface of a proper Zelda animation to be in the works, maybe Nintendo will consider hiring these people on board to help make it perhaps. (Wink, Wink.)

If you want to check the video in question out for yourself, I’ve put a link to it below.

YouTube player

I’ll also post a link to Youyang Kong’s YouTube channel as it contains an interesting animation showreel of other indie projects produced as well.

Source: 孔佑阳

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