May 22, 2022

Minecraft Player Recreates Entire Earth – But He Needs Your Help

With this whole pandemic business, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing Minecraft. A friend and I have built a sweet little village inside of a huge ravine, and a bomb-ass Wizards tower to do our enchanting and potion brewing. But that’s nothing compared YouTuber PippenFTS, who’s built a 1:1 replica of the ENTIRE PLANET EARTH.

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PippenFTS – who’s previously claimed to have built the largest base in Minecraft – aims for this project to be the first-ever full-scale recreation of our home planet created in Minecraft.

Recreations of Earth have been attempted before in Minecraft, as early as 2013, however, these had been downscaled to keep in line with Minecraft’s limitations. The most famous of these was LetsLente’s 1:1500 scale recreation.

Interestingly, Earths horizontal reach could fit within a Minecraft map with room to spare. The dilemma lies in its vertical reach, which greatly exceeds Minecrafts limit of 255m.

However, PippenFTS has bypassed these limitations through the use of the mod Cubic Chunks. The mod alters the way that Minecraft renders chunks to allow for an infinite build depth in both vertical directions.

Pippen then uses the mod Terra 1-to-1 to take geographical data from services like Google Maps, and translates that date across Minecraft’s 150+ different environmental blocks.

Minecrafters, Unite!

However, this process isn’t perfect. Coastlines aren’t truly accurate, and random islands appear in oceans that don’t exist in real life. Finer details are also not present. Mountains sit without their snowy peaks, and Egyptian pyramids render as simply huge blocks of clay.

That’s not to mention human-made structures, like the buildings and towers of cities, which Terra 1-to-1 doesn’t replicate.

It’s for these reasons that Pippen is challenging the Minecraft community to pull off their most ambitious task yet. The YouTuber is calling on skilled builders to rebuild the structures of any city or territory of their choice. Pippen himself will be starting with Seattle. Once completed, these recreations will then be patched together, to allow for a true, 1:1 recreation of our planet.

The project is already gaining a lot of steam, with builders already starting to recreate areas in the Netherlands, Barcelona, Texas – even Lincoln, UK. Builders are sharing their builds and support on the BuildTheEarth subreddit, and raising funds through a Patreon.

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