June 30, 2022

YouTube Gaming Shuts Down

YouTube launched it’s dedicated gaming app YouTube Gaming back in 2015 as its answer to the rising popularity of streaming service Twitch. So why has it just dropped its successful gaming platform?

In a statement to gaming site VG247 they said the following.

“That’s why in 2015, we launched YouTube Gaming, a standalone app for gamers where we tested new features like Game Pages for better discoverability, Super Chat and Channel Memberships to help fans show support for their favorite creators, Dark Theme and even a new live streaming platform based on the gaming community’s feedback.

“The response to these features has been so positive that we brought them over from the YouTube Gaming app to the main YouTube experience.”

They then confirmed it via Twitter.

You can now find YouTube’s gaming section at gaming.youtube.com

Source: VG247

So how do you feel about this move from Youtube? Let us know in the comments and as always for all things gaming stay tuned to ABG.

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