May 23, 2022

You Think Dark Souls is Hard? Try Using a Switch RingFit Controller to Play It

Modder Super Louis 64 has rigged his Nintendo Switch RingFit controller to be able to play Dark Souls 3. The question on everybody’s lips is simply: Why?

Modding video games is nothing new. Heck, there are some games that have only come into existence as a result of mods.

However, a trend that really makes you question people is when they play video games with controllers that they really shouldn’t be using. A while ago, we reported on a modder who used an actual treadmill to play Death Stranding.

And, sticking with the physical activity as a prerequisite for playing a game, another modder has been playing Dark Souls 3 with a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit.

Super Louis 64 has mapped the Ring Fit’s controller layout to suit the tasks required when taking on Dark Souls.

To heal, you squat. In order to attack, you squeeze the Ring Fit. (For anyone who hasn’t seen one in action, the Ring Fit is a flexible plastic ring that encompasses the Switch JoyCons). And, to move in-game, you need to jog in place.

And we don’t mean any half-assed stepping. Super Louis has made it so you’d need to properly lift your knees up to make any forward progress in-game.

Talk about your workouts.

You can check out the full details on how Super Louis made the mapping in the Twitter thread. If you’re curious to see how far he’s come, he’s uploading it to his YouTube channel. And, if you’re intrigued to see what the next stage of progression is, have a look at his Twitch.

Whatever you do, make sure you stay safe and enjoy yourselves. If you’re going to do something similar to Super Louis, make sure you stretch properly before and after any strenuous exercise. Lord knows we don’t need people with pulled groin muscles going to A&E and risking catch COVID-19. All from playing Dark Souls a little too hard.

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