You Can Try Out Far Cry 6 For Free This Weekend

You Can Try Out Far Cry 6 For Free This Weekend

Have you ever wanted to shoot homicidal drug-smugglers with a homemade nailgun while accompanied by an equally homicidal Dachshund named Chorizo? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. This weekend Ubisoft has been so kind as to make Far Cry 6 free to play, for all formats. The offer ends on Monday.

This is great if you’re still unsure whether or not Far cry 6 is for you. Of course, you’ll be able to keep your save file in case you decide to buy the game afterwards, which you can do at a discounted price during this period.

And, Xbox players are even luckier. If you have Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate you also get two more games to enjoy this weekend. The first game is Lost Judgement where you play as private investigator Yagami trying to solve a brutal murder. The second title is the strategy game Before We Leave where you are tasked with rebuilding civilization in a new, peaceful solar system.

Have you played Far Cry 6 or any of the other games yet? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments.