July 5, 2022

You Can Now Use The PS4’s Social Features From Your PC

This week, Sony has released a new platform for using the social features of the PS4. Named ‘My Playstation’, it grants you the ability to message your friends and view trophies. Also, included is the ability to view and manage your profile, as though you were actually on your PS4.

My Playstation‘ is now accessible on PC, phones and tablets through the use of a web browser. While many gamers will already have the associated companion app, this seems to be easier to navigate through… on the PC at least. Essentially, think of it as a streamlined PS4 profile, where it can do anything but game. After all, we have remote play for that! Through ‘My Playstation’ you can access your friends list, check what they are playing and who is online. You can also accept friend requests, view and compare trophies, and edit your profile.

A picture of what the overlay will look like on a PC. Essentially the same as viewing a profile on the PS4.

Previously, there have been attempts to access your profile from a computer. These however, have only been able to grant access to a very limited area. ‘My Playstation’ is seemingly attempting to consolidate and streamline access to your profile. To access ‘My Playstation’ , go to this website  and sign in with your profile!

Screenshots of the overlay of the PS Companion app available on IOS and Android, while it can be effective. Many have issues with crashing after receiving messages.

In addition, Sony recently stated that it would continue to add features. While this is positive, they have released no specific details as to what they are adding yet. With Xbox users able to be in parties via their phone, it must be a matter of time before Sony level the playing field. One day PlayStation gamers may even be able to change their PSN ID. I mean, I’d like to change my name that I made when I first got my PS3. I was eight and didn’t know how to spell, regardless it is about time PlayStation updated the features available to the loyal gamers. If they do not add in vital features, such as being able to change the PSN ID, then they run the risk of becoming the inferior game console between Xbox and PS. PlayStation, historically has always been the better console, sale and reception wise.

One of the new Xbox features, the ability to access a party while on the companion app. How long until Playstation bucks up their game?

However, with Xbox having current features PlayStation lacks, it must be a matter of time before they either catch up… or risk losing ground. This, however is a step in the right direction, as Xbox doesn’t currently have a feature like this.

What are your thoughts on the addition of ‘My PlayStation’? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Gamespot

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