You can now take on the infamous Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek

You can now take on the infamous Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek

If you’re familiar with the Star Trek universe (Who isn’t?) then you’ll know of the infamous cadet test: The Kobayashi Maru and how near impossible it is to pass, unless of course like Kirk you cheat.

Well, now you can try to beat it yourself, thanks to a brand new browser game developed by Scopely, the same company who develop Star Trek: Fleet Command.

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The game itself is reminiscent of The Oregon Trail using a simple point and click style gameplay, with many different outcomes and options to keep you on your feet.

The test tasks you with rescuing the ship The Kobayashi Maru, which has struck a mine in the neutral zone between Federation and Klingon space. You are tasked with rescuing the crew and passengers, whilst keeping your own crew alive.

However, violating the Neutral Zone will cause the Klingons to open fire on your ship. You must choose the correct course of action to win

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You’ll be seeing this a lot

The test itself is near impossible to win, but if you manage to pass and score one of the top three times, then you could win some nifty prizes! But the odds are stacked against you (almost 1:10,000).

You can TRY and beat the test here.

Did you pass? Let us know in the comments below!

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