May 22, 2022

You Can Now Download Dying Light: Bad Blood For Free

If you were disappointed by the recent news that Dying Light 2 is delayed indefinitely, then you’re not alone. However, there is some good news!

In a recent statement, developer Techland is very generously offering Dying Light: Bad Blood for free!

If you own a copy of Dying Light on PS4, Xbox One, or PC you can redeem a free Steam code. Simply head on over to their docket site for a free Steam code.

Battle Royale With a Twist

To those who are unfamiliar, Bad Blood is a 12 player battle royale. The new mode uses the base game’s excellent parkour, melee-focused combat and, of course, zombies.

You can go it alone to be the last one standing. Or you can team up to survive against the hordes. Either way, there’s only one winner in the end.

The game didn’t get much attention after it’s debut on Steam early access. With it being free though, now is the perfect time to jump in.

While the set up is obviously completely different, the core game-play is still there satisfying those waiting for the sequel. Plus, it’s just a hell of a lot of fun.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

There’s no end date on the offer as of today. Make sure you take advantage of it now if you have a copy of Dying Light. Head on over to the site and link your PSN/Steam/Xbox Live account. A banner will appear offering you the free copy on PC.

There’s also some good news to those still playing the main game. To mark its fifth anniversary, Techland is planning to add new content and in-game events through February.

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