Yakuza 0 Added to Game Pass for PC

Yakuza 0 Added to Game Pass for PC

Although a few other games may have been added to Gamepass, Yakuza 0 is one to pay attention to. By all means, Yakuza 0 may have been missed by many people and misunderstood by many others.

In spite of the games (wildly) contrasting tones, Yakuza 0 stands strong as an absolute must-play. If this is your first experience with a Yakuza game, please stick with it, trust us.

Fans of classic brawlers will feel at home with Yakuza’s combat, emulating gameplay similar to Streets Of Rage. At the same time, fans of mini-game collections will be able to enjoy the many side games Yakuza has to offer.

But what if compelling gameplay isn’t enough for you? Shockingly Yakuza 0 also includes an in-depth storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat every step of the way.

Yakuza 0 does an excellent job of perfectly meshing bombastic gameplay coupled with serious down to earth storytelling.

Although comparatively limited to other open-world games, Yakuza 0 stays true to expected limitations. You may not go on a murderous rampage, instead players must retain a (relatively) normal deminer.

Instead of expecting the player to cause destruction between mission, Yakuza expects you to try your hand at the many mini-games available. Expect to find yourself playing many hours of, Darts, pool, RC racing, disco dancing, and a selection of classic gambling games.

Have you played the Yakuza series before, what minigames would you recommend we play? Let us know in the comments below.

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Via PCgamer.

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