Xbox Survey asks players if they want PS5 DualSense like features.

Xbox Survey asks players if they want PS5 DualSense like features.

Microsoft has sent a survey out to Xbox series X and S owners, asking a number of questions about their ‘next-gen’ console… and one of those questions is quite surprising.

Among all the obvious questions in the survey like: ‘Are you happy with it’, ‘Does it feel next-gen?’ etc, one question asks you if you are aware of the PS5’s DualSense’s features, and whether you would’ve liked to see them on the Series X.

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When the PS5 was announced, the controller, with its adaptive trigger system and haptic feedback, drew great interest from players and developers alike, with some now taking advantage of the feature…which is probably why Microsoft has taken such a keen interest.

The latest controller for the Series X wasn’t much to shout about. It has improvements in the D-Pad and textured grips and triggers, but it’s pretty similar to previous iterations.

It’s not the first time console makers have ‘borrowed’ ideas from one another. The most recent Xbox One controller had a headphone jack in the controller, While the Series X controller now has a ‘Share’ button, both features appearing first on the PS4 controller.

Both controllers are out now, with the DualSense controller priced at £59.99 and the Xbox Wireless controller for the Series X and S priced at £54.99.

Would you like to see the next Xbox controller adopt adaptive triggers? Let us know in the comments below.

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