May 22, 2022

Xbox Series S Launches November 10th, Priced £250


Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing for their smaller, entry level next gen console, the Xbox Series S. Although there’s no official word on the beefier model at time of writing, leaks are rife on the Series X. And surprise surprise, the pricing matches exactly to the current Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The smaller of the two, heralded in a recent tweet as “Next Gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever” will retail for $299 ERP (or £250 UK). The beefier model, the Xbox Series X reportedly comes in at $499. It seems Both consoles will release on November 10th, 2020, ahead of the holiday season.

At 60% the size of the Series X, the Series S should be a lot easier to fit under your TV

The Xbox Series X was originally revealed at the 2019 Game Awards (those halcyon, pandemic free days of yesteryear). This absolute unit is touted to have at least four times the power of the Xbox One X. It’s a 12TF beast, boasting 4k resolution and 60FPS as standard. It also ships with a physical drive, too. This is worth considering given the comparative price of digital games vs. their physical counterparts.

The Xbox Series S, for ease of comparison is roughly equivalent in power to the current Xbox One X. Not bad considering it’s barely taller than two Xbox controllers, and can fit entirely inside its larger beefier brother. The price point of $299 is pretty damn competitive, too. Although this will come at an arguably longer term cost of no physical drive. Originally leaked by Windows Central, this has now been officially confirmed by Microsoft.

Xbox’s smallest console reveal ever

Xbox will also be pushing their Xbox All Access finance option for both models, with the Xbox Series S coming in at $25 per month and the Series X at $35 respectively. It seems that Xbox will be pushing this option more aggressively next gen, with the current options for existing gen consoles acting as a pilot, shepherding in the new tech.

Two things remain. Will Xbox follow up with an Xbox Series S physical drive edition, and how will Sony respond to this pricing announcement? On the first point, it seems only natural that the pricing gap be filled by another model, and we’d wager you’ll see the aforementioned device pricing around the $399 mark. As for the second, time will tell. But as Xbox is now officially out of the stalls, it won’t be long before Sony follow suit.

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Sources: Windows Central

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