Xbox Series Consoles Now Even Quicker

Xbox Series Consoles Now Even Quicker

Xbox has recently uploaded a new update (for Xbox Insiders currently) that sees the Xbox Series X/S boot up in about half of its original time.

Currently, the Xbox Series consoles take – on average – 10-12 seconds from cold boot to Dashboard.

However, by doing such a simple thing, the new boot time is around five to seven seconds in time.

The update was brought to attention by The Verge (with confirmation from Xbox Integrated Marketing’s Director Josh Munsee).

And the way Xbox managed to shorten this sequence? Was it by boosting RAM speeds or SSD load times remotely?

Nope, Xbox merely shortened the length of time the logo remains on screen.

In fact, you can see the whole process in this GIF that The Verge’s Tom Warren uploaded to the above article;

It should be noted that these load times will only take effect if users have their consoles set to “Energy Saver” mode as opposed to the Standby mode.

Consoles in Energy Saver fully power off when shutdown. (Conversely, consoles set to Standby mode merely close down to a standby state).

The downside to Energy Saver mode is that you can’t immediately start playing after you hit the power button. But, it is friendlier for the planet…and electricity bills.

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