Xbox Reportedly Launching Streaming Device within the Year

Xbox Reportedly Launching Streaming Device within the Year

Xbox will look to completely bridge the gap for anyone wanting to play Xbox titles without an actual console.

A new report by VentureBeat suggests that, within the next year, Microsoft will launch a “streaming puck”.

This “puck” would, theoretically, be akin to an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast Ultra.

The device will allow users to stream Xbox games directly to their TV/PC/Laptop without having additional software.

Or even hardware!

As VentureBeat notes, however, if you already have a smart TV – specifically, a Samsung one – you may be able to skip the need for a secondary device altogether.

Apparently, Microsoft is working closely with Samsung in order to develop an Xbox game-streaming app for the former’s line of smart TVs.

Again, this is reportedly to launch within the next year.

What this means, is that Xbox is, ostensibly, gearing up to welcome a new generation of gamers to the platform. That platform, of course, is Game Pass, as opposed to the Xbox family of consoles.

Microsoft will also join the likes of Google and Amazon in utilising a cloud-based gaming set-up. Much like with Stadia and Luna [Google and Amazon, respectively], this proposed Xbox streaming puck would do all the heavy lifting for your TV (unless you have an aforementioned Samsung smart TV).

We will know more about this reported device when (and only when) Microsoft officially announces it.

Until then, if you’ve held off on buying an Xbox Series X/S so far already, maybe keep on with that resolve.

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