Xbox One X HIDEit Mount Review

Xbox One X HIDEit Mount Review

As a bit of a nerdy gamer, I do like stuff. Not just gaming related stuff but everything gadgety – is that even a word?. I do especially like electronic equipment. My TV stand in the front room, for example, is a wonderful cluttered mess of digital equipment. I have a Sky Box even though I don’t actually watch tv?, A Surround Sound unit, a PC screen – awkwardly hanging over the edge of the unit as its a tad too big, luckily my tv is on the wall. Computer speakers, an Xbox controller stand, 2 AA batteries, 2 remote controls, an Xbox 360, my router, various other random wires and of course my Xbox One X.

Clutter…..clutter everywhere!

Normally it doesn’t bother me but lately its just been getting on my nerves. Every time I look over at it, it just bugs me! Not enough to actually re-arrange it, of course, I am a lazy man after all, but enough that I kept wishing I could at least move my Xbox One X to a more loving location.

Thankfully the top guys at were willing to help, and before I knew it a wonderful Xbox One X mount had arrived at my door for me to try out.

Arriving in a rather in your face green box, the kit comes complete with all the necessary screws you will need to fit your mount into its chosen location. And there is a handy screw guide showing you exactly where each of the different screws should be located. Handy for those who aren’t the best at DIY, and the helpfulness doesn’t end there, as there is also a how-to video guide available for you to watch via the website.

Taking the mount out, the first thing I noticed was just how surprisingly simple it was to look at. It’s designed in such a way that it neatly holds the X without looking like it’s actually being supported. Giving the look of a free hanging console on your wall. I decided I wanted the Xbox to be seen and easily accessible. Out came the drill and spirit level and in around 5 minutes the mount was, well, mounted.

The Xbox slid in no problem, and soon the wires were reconnected and the install was over. Impressed is an understatement – a simple design with a simple installation makes the HIDEit Mount a must-have for gamers and techies alike.

With the company producing more than just Xbox mounts, I’m seriously considering getting rid of the outdated TV stand altogether and getting all of my equipment mounted on the wall. That’s right, they don’t just do Xbox mounts, visit their website and you can find Playstation mounts, cable and satellite mounts, pc mounts and much more.

The HIDEit X1X allows you to wall mount, under desk mount, or VESA mount your Xbox One X to HIDEit or DISPLAYit! Our Xbox One X Mount is a sleek, form-fitting, flush mount that securely cradles the One X. Wrap design evenly distributes the weight of the One X to ensure your Xbox One X is safe. The X1X has a tab to prevent sliding and countersunk holes allow for a flush installation that won’t add bulk to your game console. The X1X is precision designed and manufactured so it doesn’t block any ports or vents and won’t trap heat. Your Xbox will look cool and stay cool.

The Xbox One X version retails at £34.27 but is reduced to – £30.46 at the moment

Fancy a mount for yourself? visit them at:, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YoutTube.

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Xbox One X HIDEit Mount review
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A simple product that does the job exactly how you want it. Get one – there’s not much more to say

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