July 3, 2022

Xbox One X Enhanced Titles – Update

Microsoft’s flagship console – Xbox One X, is finally available to buy. And along with its release, there are a few new terms to get to grips with. One of these is ‘Enhanced Titles’. Enhanced titles are simply Xbox One titles are have bee given (or will be given) a bit of a graphical upgrade to take advantage of the X’s powerful processor. Even if you haven’t got a 4k tv, you will notice the difference straight away. So whats been enhanced so far? Take a look at the list below:


*source Major Nelson

All games look and play great on Xbox One X. But select Xbox One X Enhanced titles are optimized to take full advantage of the world’s most powerful console. Xbox One X unleashes 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, making games perform better than they ever have. Maximize game performance with the speed of 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory, and see every frame with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth.

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