July 6, 2022

Xbox One to Offer Surprise Plays

Ahead of this year’s X019 event, the latest Xbox One Alpha Skip-Ahead preview has landed for a number of players. And it includes a rather interesting new feature who players who have an overgrown games library.

For anyone in the preview, there’s a new feature found in the game library page. There’s a “surprise me” button that will take the decision making out of choosing what game to play. This could be a great thing for anybody who has a library in excess of 100 games. I have something close to 400 games to choose from and often find myself struggling to choose between them all.

It’s still not fully understood if the surprise me function will be random or be based on players’ personal preferences. It’s akin to the “I’m feeling lucky” on Google search engines which will pick what you search for instead.


This feature will work quite well in tandem with players with an excessive amount of games in their library. And it should be a fun little trick to use now and again.

Alongside this update is a way of customising your current dashboard, allowing players to set it up however they want. You can seemingly add, reorder, or even remove blocks as appropriate and change the background and colours to boot.

Again, because these benefits are currently for Skip Ahead preview users, there’s no news on general release for public yet. However, it hopefully won’t be too long of a wait for the general Xbox One player.

How would you feel about your console choosing a game for you to play? Do you think this would take autonomy away from the player and give the machines more power than they need? Could this be how Skynet starts? Probably not, but still. Let us know what you think in the comments section down below. As always, make sure you stick with Any Button Gaming for all the latest gaming news from around the world.

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