May 22, 2022

Xbox May Start Supporting Ultrawide Monitors

With utlrawide monitors being produced by companies, could this mark the end of the homebrew ultrawides? Samsung would like Xbox to help bridge that gap

Samsung is pushing for Microsoft to bring ultrawide monitor support to Xbox.

The aim is to grow Samsung’s customer base, as reported by PCGamesN. By breaking outside of the console market, they allow themselves a slice of that delicious PC pie

In the light of all the recent support for 4k resolution from consoles (a fact I still struggle to believe), it’s about time ultrawide gets some love.

By using multiple monitors, early adopters could create their own widescreen gaming. They could trick the system into thinking it was one monitor.

Granted, this system was flawed. You needed to buy three monitors and had to deal with bezels between the screens. Naturally, support was limited.

With the recent arrival of ultrawide monitors, support has begun to thrive. The industry has transitioned into producing ultrawide monitors at various aspect ratios.

In case you’re unaware of the benefits of ultrawide monitors (other than looking dang impressive) there are some major features. For one thing, you see more of the game – approximately 30% more.

This offers a clear advantage in FPS games without having to use an unreasonably large FOV. However, this not something usually-seen on consoles.

As Microsoft seems to continue to strive to bridge the gap between PC and console, this is a clear step in the right direction.

Hopefully, these talks are fruitful and we can finally see widescreen gaming in the limelight.

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