May 23, 2022

Xbox Live Issues Persist As Achievements Fail To Unlock

Players have been reporting for some two weeks that Achievements have not been unlocking. Microsoft have implemented a fix, but the issues are persisting.

As I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt yesterday, I noticed no achievements had unlocked. I wondered if this was related to Microsoft’s recent Xbox Live woes. After a quick search, I found I am not alone in experiencing this issue.

A cursory glance at the forums would suggest this is not the case. There are still numerous posts relating to delayed or missing Achievements.

Responding to reports of Achievement issues, Xbox Support issued a tweet acknowledging the issue. This was followed up with a tweet signalling the issue had been resoled. However, this was some two weeks ago and the issue is persisting.

While this may not seem like much of an issue, the achievements support page suggests repeating the task to unlock the mission. That might be feasible in some games. However, in others, such as Dark Souls Witcher 3, where progress is saved automatically, this is not possible. That’s not even considering the difficulty one might have in obtaining achievements in a game like Dark Souls.

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