May 22, 2022

Xbox Head Travels to Japan, Approves of Japanese Relations

Xbox Head Phil Spencer was in Japan this week.

For four days, Big Phil visited with Xbox Japan and discussed multiple topics. He also talked about the future of gaming with foreign developers.

Interestingly enough, he also got some hands-on time playing a bunch of games. Some of these games were ones that were announced this past E3. Others were totally brand new!

What Could Be in the Works from Japanese Developers for Xbox?

Other topics also included was the upcoming Xbox Series X console. This shows that the next generation of Xbox is in fact out there in the wild. It does exist and is out in the hands of developers. These developers could very well be working on a whole slew of new games for the upcoming system.

He also teased that Xbox is already hard at work on E3 2020. So expect to see some different Japanese content coming at the show.

Lastly, he checked in on the Xbox Game Pass and the Project xCloud program. Within such a short Tweet, it says a lot about what the head of Xbox is focusing his time and energy doing.

What do you think could be coming for Xbox and fans of Japanese game developers? Put your ideas and wishes down below in the comments.

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