Xbox Game Pass Adds 40 New Countries

Xbox Game Pass Adds 40 New Countries

Game Pass continues to expand as Microsoft announced that is making the service available to other regions that did not have it until now, adding 40 more countries with a preliminary version.

Game Pass started in 2017, by now it has 86 countries where players can access the cool catalog of games that the platform offers, based on a monthly subscription model that includes hundreds of games, giving players access to new Xbox Game Studios releases from day one, member-only benefits in Riot Games, an EA Play membership, and games from indie studios as well as big companies like Bethesda.

However Game Pass is not available at the global scale Microsoft intended, but over the years the service has been growing in quality and expansion, continuously improving in terms of gaming, but also reaching more players from different territories.

With this in mind Microsoft is working to get to new parts of the world, and today is adding even more countries, for now is a preview version of the service, players will have to install the Xbox Insider Hub app and sign up to join the Insider Program in order to be able to use Game Pass, but as an incentive Microsoft is offering a special pricing in the beginning, which is a membership with the costs of $1 for the first month, and then $10 a month going forward.

From now on this 40 countries are getting access to PC Game Pass today:

  • Albania   
  • Algeria 
  • Bahrain
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina  
  • Bulgaria  
  • Costa Rica  
  • Croatia   
  • Cyprus  
  • Ecuador 
  • Egypt   
  • El Salvador  
  • Estonia   
  • Georgia  
  • Guatemala 
  • Honduras  
  • Iceland   
  • Kuwait 
  • Latvia   
  • Libya 
  • Liechtenstein  
  • Lithuania   
  • Luxembourg   
  • Malta  
  • Moldova   
  • Montenegro   
  • Morocco 
  • Nicaragua 
  • North Macedonia 
  • Oman 
  • Panama 
  • Paraguay 
  • Peru 
  • Qatar 
  • Romania   
  • Serbia   
  • Slovenia   
  • Tunisia 
  • Ukraine   
  • Uruguay  

This is big news for all those players, fans of Xbox, and PC players, who did not have the chance to experience Game Pass, but now can experience one of the best gaming services, and all the games and rewards it includes.

So as promised by Microsoft, Xbox and PC gaming is an important part of the brand, and in 2023 they are pushing to get it bigger and better, even with the concerns that Game Pass could affect developers, it continues to be the strongest gaming service in the videogame industry, and this move will add massive amounts of new users to the Xbox Family.

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