May 22, 2022

Xbox Controller Drift Lawsuit Now Includes Elite Series 2 Model

The ongoing lawsuit against Microsoft and the Xbox One controller drift has escalated. Now, the Elite Series 2 controller is involved in the controversy as well.

A number of months ago, we covered a story about Controller Drift that was affecting some Xbox One customers and the class-action lawsuit surrounding the fault.

At the time, the issue affected the original Xbox One controllers as well as the first-generation Elite series controller.

However, the lawsuit has since been amended to include the Elite series 2 controller as well, according to VGC.

The newly updated lawsuit now adds some seven additional plaintiffs to the case. The court paperwork also asks that it is brought up in front of a jury.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Microsoft is indeed fully aware of the drift, though they have “failed to disclose the defect”. Microsoft is also accused of “routinely [refusing] to repair controllers without charge”.

The lawsuit notes;

“Microsoft lures consumers into purchasing the Xbox controllers by touting the Xbox controllers as superior controllers [that] enhance gameplay. Xbox and Microsoft describe the Elite controllers as the ‘world’s most advanced controller’, emphasising the Xbox One joysticks and buttons as possessing ‘Ultimate Precision’.

Microsoft does not disclose to consumers that the Xbox controllers are defective, causing the joystick component to fail. Members of the general public have the right to know the latent defects with the Xbox controller components”.

Photo copyright Reddit

If the lawsuit has a positive outcome for the plaintiff, who knows what benefits it could have for consumers. Hopefully, if the plaintiff is successful, it could lead to Microsoft pulling a Nintendo and repairing the controllers free of charge. Further down the line, it would, presumably, lead to Microsoft not shipping out dodgy controllers in the first place.

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