May 23, 2022

Xbox and PlayStation Explain Possible Effects of COVID-19 on Game Development

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Both Microsoft and Sony have released comments on how the current global health crisis may affect their first-party game development.

Neither Sony or Microsoft have reported any delays to upcoming games as the current health situation continues to escalate. Though both companies have stated that delays remain possible while the crisis continues to grow across Europe and North America. Given that both companies own major development studios in North America, the possibility of delays is hardly surprising.

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Microsoft Statement

Microsoft issued their statement via Xbox game studio chief Matt Booty. He understandably commented that the health of their staff comes first, while the need to commit to a high quality of game does still remain.

We know that gaming connects people during times of social distancing, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality Xbox Game Studios games for our global community of players.

At the same time, the health and safety of our Xbox Game Studios development teams is our top priority. Each studio is facing unique challenges and constraints depending on its particular location, and many of our external development partners around the world are similarly affected.

We are supporting our studio leaders to make the right decisions for their teams and their individual games during this challenging time.”

Matt Booty, Head of Microsoft Studios
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Sony Statement

Meanwhile, Sony’s statement revealed their focus to be on the possibility of delays to game development. Though both companies now have many of their staff working remotely worldwide.

“Although no issues have emerged so far, Sony is carefully monitoring the risk of delays in production schedules for game software titles at both its first-party studios and partner studios, primarily in Europe and the US.”

Sony Press Release – 27.03.2020

Despite the statements from both companies, the launch of their respective next-gen consoles appear to be unaffected.

Sony has estimated that the current financial year would see “no material impact” as a result of the current crisis. If the PS5 launch was in any jeopardy, it’s unlikely Sony would have offered up a statement such as this. Xbox also confirmed last week that they would be sticking to their “holiday 2020” launch window for Xbox Series X.

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