Xbox 360 Emulation getting better!

Xbox 360 Emulation getting better!

As reported on by Kotaku, in response to a video by Modern Vintage Gamer, it looks like Xbox 360 emulation is getting better and better. For those not in the know, emulation is software that will take digital versions of games and attempt to ’emulate’ the original hardware. While a lot of retro systems from early days have been successfully emulated for many years (most consoles and PC games from early Atari through to the PS2 era), as systems became more complicated, so does emulation.

We here at Any Button Gaming are big fans of the efforts of emulators for the sake of game preservation. Whilst not condoning piracy. original hardware breaks. Or software becomes unavailable for purchase from original publishers. Emulators have become the main way to actually preserve cultural history or make sure they can be run on modern displays etc.

Game Preservation Society…

When it comes to later generations, such as the PS3 & Xbox 360, enthusiasts are currently working to better the ability to run those games via emulators. The results, thus far, have been patchy depending on title. That said, as the below video from Modern Vintage Gamer shows, things are coming a long way. It features some top tier titles, including Red Dead Redemption running well at high res. Yum!

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Given that this generation of consoles (ok, not uncluding Wii) are pretty advanced, you’ll need a decent gaming PC to brute force this level of performance but as specs get better and emulation becomes smoother, you’ll see these generations run better and better.

Xbox 360 game emulation getting better and better!

Exciting stuff! While Microsoft in particular has made strides to support backwards compatibility into these generations. Yet there are still significant gaps in libraries. Sony only provides access to PS3 games via game streaming (again with big gaps in their library). In coming years, possibly the only way to experience some classic games will be via emulation.

How about you? Any games you would like to see emulated?

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