WWE 2K22 Sees the Light of Day, But are There Any Improvements?

WWE 2K22 Sees the Light of Day, But are There Any Improvements?

Over the weekend of 10th/11th April, the WWE aired Wrestlemania 37.

Aside from the usual wrestling, there was a special feature for WWE 2K fans.

2K games aired a teaser trailer, officially confirming its mainline WWE games is back this year.

Catch-up Time for Anybody Needing It;

There has been a mainline WWE available each year since 2000’s WWF Smackdown!. These games were published by THQ up until 2012 when THQ filed for bankruptcy. Since then, 2K has owned the license for the franchise. The WWE 2K franchise (as it was now called) continued the yearly release schedule of THQ. Until last year.

Back in 2019, 2K launched WWE 2K20. And to say it was a shambles is an understatement. Bugs were prevalent, including one that actually stopped the game from launching when the platform’s clock ticked over to 2020! The resultant fallout was so severe, 2K parent company Take-Two declared it was “disappointed” with WWE 2K20‘s launch. Additionally, Sony was granting refunds to users.

So, in light of all that, 2K decided that the mainline series needed a rest. A franchise of two decades worth of games, given a much-needed break. I mean, 2K still wanted that sweet, sweet WWE revenue, so we got WWE 2K Battlegrounds instead.

However, at this year’s Wrestlemania, amidst Bianca Belair winning the Smackdown Womens Championship and the New Day losing their Raw Tag Team Championships to AJ Styles and Omos, 2K aired a teaser trailer. Yes, after two years, WWE 2K is back. And, from the teaser, we know two things; one – Rey Mysterio is in it. And two – Cesaro is in it.

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Normally, the WWE games get an airing around Summerslam (sometime in August). So, we’ll have to wait until then to see any concrete footage, gameplay, or announcements further down the line. But, what do you think? Will it have been long enough to right the wrongs of WWE 2K20? Will you be purchasing 2K22? I know I will, but much like I did with 2K20 and Battlegrounds, I’ll wait until it’s heavily discounted first.