WWE 2K21 Rumoured to be Cancelled

WWE 2K21 Rumoured to be Cancelled

Forewarning: nothing has been confirmed by WWE or 2K as of time of press. This news is based on reports from “reliable” sources.

After the disaster that was WWE 2K20, rumours abound that the sequel might just be cancelled.

Now, obviously, with everything that is going on in the world right now, that isn’t too unfathomable. We have multiple companies who have reported their staff are working from home.

Several huge games with prearranged, set release dates have had to be delayed.

Heck, The Last of Us 2, which, apparently, is basically ready to ship bar a few last bugs, has been delayed indefinitely.

So, with a game that released in a practically unplayable state and continues to not even be half-way near being “finished”, you can’t help but think that WWE 2K21 will be in an even worse shape.

WHY? Here’s Why!

Justin Leeper and VikingSizeGamer have both released YouTube videos detailing that they believe WWE 2K21 is, indeed, cancelled.

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Normally, we get some sort of an announcement about the upcoming WWE game at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 36 aired 4th and 5th April 2020. Surprise, surprise, there was no mention of an upcoming WWE game.

This lead to some speculation that the game is cancelled – I mean, you can’t announce something that isn’t coming, right?

Added to that, we have had no news on mo-cap performances, something that we get whiffs of as early as February.

The ongoing pandemic obviously would have a knock-on effect on any game. But WWE 2K20 released with a tonne of bugs and glitches. The engine that 2K20 uses is fundamentally flawed right now.


Arguably, the best thing 2K and WWE could do is take a year off as a minimum. Then, the focus can be shifted, ideas can be hatched up, and a new, better game could be the result.

Several people in the community have suggested a live-services game. Ordinarily, this is something that most people would show disdain towards.

However, a live-service might not be a bad idea.

2K could release a base game with the product as it stands at release. As is the nature with WWE, wrestlers update their looks, tag teams form or break up, championships and wrestlers make their debuts, and some even leave the company altogether.

Traditionally, WWE games have always seemed out-of-date even when they are released because of some of these reasons.

A live-services game would allow for ongoing updates and/or patches to add and remove content as necessary. This way, it keeps the game fresh without the need to rebuild the game on a yearly schedule.

It’s Not Quite the Bottom Line…

Coming back to Justin Leeper, he notes how a “reliable source” has told him that 2K has cancelled WWE 2K21 already. Apparently, 2K is just waiting to make the announcement publicly.

Whether this is gospel remains to be seen.

Afterall, a bad game being released will still draw in some money from fans. And yes, I know that a much better game released in a couple of years that is better in every way than 2K20 would bring in even more money. But that’s not how a business works. You can’t hold off on something long-term when a short-term return is all but guaranteed.

That being said, if Leeper is correct, then the unannounced secondary WWE game line will be released instead of 2K21. This new game is from a different developer to WWE 2K20 (not Visual Concepts, basically). It will still be published by 2K.

We have no further information on this rumoured new title, beyond that it may be coming this year and that it will not be a mainline WWE game. (Many in the community have suggested a more arcade-style game, a la WWE All-Stars).

Leeper and VikingSizeGamer both raise excellent points in their respective videos. However, as we have no concrete announcement from WWE or 2K, we can’t confirm these rumours yet.

Still, it makes you wonder what exactly is going on with the product.

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