WW1 Game Series heads to Isonzo

WW1 Game Series heads to Isonzo

Far from the mud and blood of the western front and the horrific slaughter in the east, on a forgotten front, the war still raged on, and this is where the next instalment from WW1 Game Series takes us….Welcome to the Italian Front…Welcome to Isonzo.

In the third part of the epic FPS series from developers M2H and Blackmill games, which have already taken us from the Fields of Verdun to the bloodbath at Tennanburg, Isonzo captures the ferocity of the Italian Front. In a recent interview, Creative Director Jos Hoebe sat down with historian Indy Neidal and Sabaton bass player Pär Sundström to discuss the upcoming game.

You can check out the entire interview with Indy, Pär and Jos right here!

Now, before I delve into the rich backstory of the series and why the campaign for Isonzo was so important, I can hear you say ‘ Rob, what does a heavy metal band have to do with a video game?’ Well, dear reader let me tell you.

Swedish Heavy Metal

If you’ve been living under a rock, or are simply not a heavy metal fan, Sabaton is a heavy metal band from Sweeden whose songs are all based around historical events and military history. From the Last Stand of the Spartans to the beaches of D-Day (For the song Primo Victoria) all of Sabaton’s songs have a historical theme running through them (Yes, even Swedish Pagens) and two of their most recent albums ‘The War To End All Wars’ and ‘The Great War’ have a specific focus on World War One with their song ‘Soldier of Heaven’ specifically focusing on the fighting on the Italian Front during the war.

But I digress as I could take about Sabaton until the tanks come home. You came here for a game preview, not a heavy metal lecture!

White Friday

Taking place behind the breathtaking backdrop of the Alps, Isonzo will take you through the two-year struggle between the Italians and the Austro-Hungarian Empire for control of the Isonzo river valley and the key vantage point each mountain will give. Silencing snipers, clearing machine gun nests and securing artillery pieces are the least of your worries, as the weather will keep you on your toes…if a bullet doesn’t kill you, an avalanche will.

With a brand new offensive mode, you’ll either be tasked with leading the charge to secure a new position or you’ll be digging in to repeal the attack and keep your vantage point. Let’s hope it takes you less than twelve attempts to take the valley and try to add some variety to your attacks, don’t be like Luigi Cadorna and do the same thing over and over again hoping for a change. One more thing don’t forget to press your advantage…don’t be like the Duke of Aosta and decide to wait, giving your enemies time to regroup

Doubling down on the accuracy of the gameplay to history, in this instalment players will experience a more cinematic feel as they go over the top or try to cut through barbed wire while under heavy machine gun fire.

The Unkillable Soldier

In this instalment, you’ll have six classes to choose from, ranging from Rifleman and Engineer to Assult, Sniper and Officer. The new class is the ‘Mountaineer’. Specifically trained in alpine warfare, it’s the perfect class for quickly scaling the mountainside and securing victory.

With each map able to hold up to 48 players, you’ll be able to choose your class, but only a handful; of players will be able to be snipers and officers, nobody wants a whole team of snipers. Another unique feature is that only certain classes will be able to have certain weapons so you all can’t walk around with a machine gun.

If you decide to play as an officer you’ll have the option to call in support to either press your attack or hinder the attacker. Ranging from creeping barrages to poison gas you’ll physically have to fire the flare in the air rather than just point it at the ground (I’m talking about you, other well-known FPSs).

If you pre-order the game you’ll receive the exclusive ‘Avanti Savoia’ pack which contains ten additional options for your character’s customisation including headgear and the all-important moustache. PC and Playstation players do not fret! If you purchase the game within the first week you’ll also gain access to this exclusive pack! You can view the pack in its entirety right here!

Isonzo is due to release on September 13th and you can wishlist it right now on Playstation, Epic Games, Steam and Humble stores with the game able to be pre-ordered on Xbox for $29.99/€29.99/£24.99 with a 10% discount available during the pre-order period.

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