July 5, 2022

Wuppo – Xbox One Review

The creativity of the indie scene has exploded in recent years. We’ve been graced with some stunning pieces of work in both the artistic and storytelling departments. Wuppo is no exception when it comes to graphics. It’s one of the more cutesy, artistic titles out there. In fact, it’s the most Nintendo stylised game ever. You can’t help but draw immediate comparisons to Super Mario World 2 as soon as you load the game. But does the gameplay match the graphical splendour?

Wuppo’s story is one of imagination, and that’s to say the least. You play the role of a ‘wum’ whose been evicted from your residence (by means of being kicked off a balcony) and find yourself in the world beyond. It’s up to you to find your way back to the wum house. And so the adventure begins. Along the way you meet all kinds of magical beings that wouldn’t be out of place from a children’s fairy-tale. Some may help you, others may thwart your journey. But all of the NPC’s and bosses are a delight to encounter with a huge scale of creativity with their imaginative design and personalities.

The gameplay itself takes the form of a 2D platformer with puzzle and slight RPG elements. You’re first armed with a bubble type gun to aid your journey. This is the first of many items you can equip. The movement is fluid with no evident slowdown, especially at times of boss battles and fast movement. The controls however may take some getting used to dependant on what your preference is. The left trigger is used to jump, which feels slightly out of place at first as you expect to press one of the front facing buttons such as A as standard. Again, this will be down to user preference but bear in mind controls can not be customised.

Whilst Wuppo comes across as cute, imaginative and fun in its execution, it’s not always obvious where you need to go, or what you need to do. This hampers the experience slightly but not to an extent that it becomes a deal breaker. Half the fun can be working out what you need to do and that is exactly what the developers want you to do.

Graphically as previously mentioned, Wuppo is an absolute delight to look at. It’s rare artistic style brings together a childhood imagination and pays homage to the very best visual 2D titles out there. It really is the most Nintendo you will ever get, without being developed by them. Environments range from lush greens to rocky underworlds and tree tops. They are all just as splendid as one another.

The sounds are adequate. Sometimes the world falls silent as rain lashes down upon you which adds to the experience is a more sinister tone. Otherwise the musical score may well be the titles weakest link.

There’s quite a large area to cover within the game. It’s by no means a sit down and complete in an hour and hosts a whole host of bosses that will no doubt keep you entertained and frustrated equally. But in a good way. The boss difficulty soon ramps up but any frustrations felt are not through fault of the game but that of the player as you figure out patterns and when best to strike.

Wuppo is without a doubt a lot of fun. Whilst it is by no means perfect, it is well constructed, fully imaginative and unique in certain ways. It will not appeal to the masses, but if you’re a fan of platformers, the indie scene or both. Then you will most likely find a good few hours of enjoyment from Wuppo as It reengages us with our imaginations and inner child.

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Wuppo is available now from the Xbox Store, priced £14.99

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Wuppo is the childhood fairy-tale you never heard. Full of imagination, creativity and loveable, quirky characters. It offers a beautiful cartoon like experience with great platform and puzzle elements to keep indie fans happy. And may turn heads of others along the way.

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