May 22, 2022

Worms Armageddon FINALLY gets an update.

If ever there was an answer to the question ‘How long will a company update a game for?’ Worms Armageddon sets a high target.

In an unprecedented and very unexpected move, Team 17 announced via the games Steam page that Worms Armageddon will receive a new patch. 21 YEARS after the game was first released.

The patch, which has reportedly been in production for a staggering seven years, includes bug fixes and new features so you can enjoy blowing up those helpless worms all over again.

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So what do you get in a seven year patch?

Quite a lot as it turns out.

To start you get over 70 new scheme options, which enable you to wreak wormicide in any which way you please along with an updated frame rate to run at whatever your machine can handle!

Have you ever finished a game, looked at the remaining land and thought ‘That’d make a good battleground?’ Well thanks to the new ‘Mapshot’ feature, you are able to record a snapshot of the current state of the battleground, save it and use it as a new map to continue the fight ’till there’s nothing left to stand on.

What’s that noise?

Resolution changes, as well as new multiplayer options, including adding CPU teams to games, give the player much more control and hours of entertainment.

Just remember to angle your sheep effectively… otherwise, they’ll blow up in your face… and nobody wants that.

Worms Armageddon is out now on Steam for £10.99

Price correct at time of publishing

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