World of Warcraft Classic Name Reservation Now Active

World of Warcraft Classic Name Reservation Now Active

It feels like an eternity since Blizzard revealed WoW Classic, but the August 27th release date is rapidly approaching. With the release imminent, Blizzard have begun allowing players to reserve up to three names in anticipation of recapturing their youth glory days.

To do this is pretty straightforward, and all you need is an active subscription.

Once the client is launched, select the drop-down menu where it says “Version” and pick “World of Warcraft Classic”.

You will need to download the 3GB launcher to access the realms in which you reserve your names. Once that’s downloaded, just press play and you’ll be given a list of region-specific realms to choose from.

Here’s where it gets interesting though! After my past WoW experiences, I was expecting a hard-fought battle with the name selection tool. To my surprise, I was able to get my first-choice names for all three toons.

Handsome Boy!

WoW Classic is launching on August 27th, and comes as part of a standard World of Warcraft subscription at £9.99 per month (~$12). Check out our beginners guide to WoW Classic here!

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