Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Named Apple TV’s Game of the Year

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Named Apple TV’s Game of the Year

Publisher and retro aficionados Dotemu together with beloved developer Lizardcube were recognized today by Apple in its naming of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, the gorgeous remake of SEGA’s cult classic adventure, as Apple TV’s Game of the Year. The award was announced during Apple’s press conference in New York City, where publisher Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert took the stage to accept the honor on behalf of both teams as well as Playdigious, the studio behind the game’s mobile ports.

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“We’re thankful for this incredible recognition and continue to be blown away by the warm reception from fans who have readily embraced Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap,” said Cyrille Imbert. “It’s a dream come true to introduce so many new players to one of our all-time favorite games, and we’re immensely proud to have worked with Lizardcube for this beautiful recreation of a timeless journey.”

“It’s an honor to see our work with Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap celebrated in such a monumental way,” said Ben Fiquet, art and creative director at Lizardcube. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to revitalize such a wonderful title and to have a role in it finally receiving the widespread appreciation it always deserved.”

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap breathes new life into a classic platforming adventure through its striking hand-drawn animations and rich, orchestrated soundtrack. Players can swap between the remastered experience and the original release’s sprites and music in realtime, making this the perfect way to both revisit the game’s origins and witness its transformative reimagining.

The stunning remake originally launched in 2017 on PC and consoles to high critical praise and commercial success. The game made its way to the iOS platforms, including Apple TV, earlier this year. Dotemu and Lizardcube are currently collaborating with Guard Crush Games on Streets of Rage 4, the return of SEGA’s iconic beat-em-up series to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

For more information on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, be sure to visit the official site.

Source: Game Press

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