May 22, 2022

Windbound Are You Able To Brave The Storm?

Windbound is the second release from 5 Lives Studios, a team of Australian developers who previously released Satellite Reigns. Windbound is a third-person survival game, where resource gathering, crafting tools etc to stay alive are the main concerns. Not too dissimilar in that respect to other survival games. So how does this one differ from others? Read on to find out how. Windbound, are you able to brave the storm?

You start the game as a woman named Kara, who is shipwrecked and separated from her clan. She wakes up on a tiny island, which barely has enough resources for her to build a basic canoe to row her way out of there.

Equipped with a mystical nautilus pendant and The Oar of the Ancestors, Kara will gather resources, cook food, craft items and weapons, fight off dangerous wildlife, and even build boats to escape the archipelago and unpack the backstory of these sea swept environs. Ultimately, hopefully, returning to her people.

How Does it Differ?

The main difference it would seem between this survival game and the dime a dozen survival games that are available is in the artwork. Windboundโ€™s art style looks truly dazzling, full of bright colours and silky-smooth animations and I think this would make exploration feel satisfying and vibrant. 

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Windbound is due for release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on August 28, 2020

Source: Windbound

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