Wildfrost – A Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilder

Wildfrost – A Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilder

Wildfrost is a collaboration between Will Lewis (Programmer & Designer, Deadpan Games) and Gaziter (Artist & Designer)! The core team of two work remotely on the project from different continents. Will previously developed Caveblazers, a brutal roguelike platformer, while Gaziter has produced art for cosy indies, Forager and KnotBot.

After first interacting on Twitter in 2018 the pair decided to create several prototypes together. Will and Gaziter started developing Wildfrost in March 2020 during lockdown. By September 2020 the prototype had expanded enough to begin full development on the beautifully charming deckbuilder you see today!

The world has succumbed to the Wildfrost. Now only Snowdwell and its survivors stand as the last bastion against an eternal winter. Build up a deck of powerful card companions and elemental items, as you battle to reach the Sun Temple and banish the frost once and for all!


  • Perfect your card battling and deck-building skills, and set out on an adventure to bring an end to “The Wildfrost”!
  • Choose your Leader from a variety of “tribes”, each with randomized skills and stats
  • Master the dynamic ‘counter’ system to plan your next move and fend off frosty monsters!
  • Buff your companions? Stall an enemy attack? Or maybe count down your own timer to wreak havoc fast!
  • Endless replayability with daily runs & challenges!
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Rescue and recruit frozen companions you find along the way, unearth lost treasures, and spend your hard-earned blings with travelling merchants. The decisions you make and routes you take during each run will help craft a powerful deck, unique to you each time you play.

Collect a huge array of cute, but mighty card companions, as well as handy items and clunker cards to aid you in battle. Experiment with different elemental card combinations to find your winning formula.

Your companion cards aren’t just disposable minions for dealing out damage; upgrade and customise your favourites by adding wobbly charms to enhance their powers, making your deck a powerful (and adorable) force to be reckoned with!

Wildfrost is in development for PC and Nintendo Switch, aiming for release in Winter 2022.

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