May 17, 2022

Whip Crack Away with The Red Lantern!

The game is set in remote Alaska, Nome to be specific. It is a survival game where you are The Musher and your team of 5 dogs make up your sled team. Without further ado let’s whip crack away with The Red Lantern and unearth what the game is about.

From the game shots that I have seen it is a beautifully illustrated and gorgeous looking Indie game which is set to be released in Q3 2020. It is the debut title developed by Timberline Studio, who by their own admission are a “small team of narrative game veterans sharing an office with a small team of dogs“.

The heroine of this game has felt like a disappointment for a long time and so decided to take matters in her hand and move to Alaska. There, she gets five sled dogs and a sled (as you do) and decides to race in the Iditarod dog sled race. However, things take a turn for the worse, and she becomes stuck in the wilderness and the snow. Will she be able to survive the cruel cold and the harsh nights and find her way back home?

Shocking Gameplay Trailer

When The Red Lantern was announced for Nintendo Switch at GDC 2019, the trailer ended with a bear attack, that leaves one of your dogs (presumably) dead. It’s the sort of violence that caught viewers off guard. People are adverse to sad things about dogs, especially when they are not expecting it.

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I feel I should warn you that this game trailer may be upsetting to some

The developers have tried to make killing an animal in the game as realistic as possible. If you don’t kill it cleanly, it will scream in pain and run off injured, probably to die a slow and painful death! As is the case in life, sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted and there are times when you may find yourself fending off bears, possibly dealing with frostbite, which I presume is the norm in parts of Alaska; some of you will survive and some of you may not.

The Brutality of Nature

The Red Lantern game director Lindsey Rostal told Polygon that the showing how brutal nature could be was important to Timberline Studios.

“We didn’t want hunting to be like an action minigame,” she said. “We didn’t want it to become Oregon Trail, when you’re just scorching the earth and taking all the animals with you. She’s coming to grips with this idea where it’s like, ‘I have to kill things to eat them.’ And that’s scary, right? We don’t face our food.”

Rostal continued: “We wanted those [scenes] to have a moment where you look at the things you’re going to do. You’re making a choice. It’s meant to be a product of necessity and not just, ‘Yeah! Let’s do it!’”

This game will help you discover whether you are the sort of person to deal with problems head-on, or are you the type to be more cautious.

The Red Lantern is due for release sometime in 2020 to Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox One

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