May 23, 2022

What’s Next For Kojima – Manga, Movie Or A New “Big” Title?

We only started to recover from the otherworldly experience that was Death Stranding. And now Hideo Kojima is already planning something even “weirder”.

He and artist Yoji Shinkawa sat down with Famitsu to look back to their work together and speculate about the future. Dualshockers has translated and summarised interview for English-speaking audience.

Creators reminisce how their cooperation started, how Shinkawa just naturally joined Kojima Productions and their work on Death Stranding.

But it seems that creative drive takes them beyond the world of games. Kojima and Shinkawa mentioned a desire to try something more tangible like manga.

As Death Stranding didn’t require much mecha design, Kojima would like to have a project that lets Shinkawa’s abilities shine. It could be an anime or a movie, as creative director mentions how he wants to make films as well.

Game-wise, Kojima is planning to work on all kinds of titles: from smaller, episodic ones to large scale game projects. He and Shinkawa confessed they don’t consider Death Stranding “weird” as some might see it and wish to create something even weirder.

Regardless of what this incredible creative team comes up with next, we are looking forward to new mind-bending stories.

For now, you can check out our Death Stranding review. Or just play it yourself and find a lovely otter hat to keep you company. Especially now as Death Stranding is coming to PC in early summer 2020.

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