May 23, 2022

What’s Going On with the Scott Pilgrim Game?

Please, Ubisoft, please rerelease Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game. This one NEEDS to happen, after all, #ScottPilgrimIs10!

Attention is high on the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World movie and hit indie video-game of the same name following the tenth anniversary of both.

Firstly, some background information.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World: The Game [from here on out, read; Scott Pilgrim] was released back in 2010, shortly after the film was released. Whilst both were suitable adaptations of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series, only one of them is still officially around today. The video game was delisted from sale back in 2014.

And ever since then, O’Malley has been one of the game’s most vocal supporters for a return.

A recent tweet from O’Malley notes;

“For years now, I’ve been saying, ‘if Ubisoft ever puts the game out again, I’ll be as surprised as you'”.

Of course, just because he’d be surprised if it ever happens doesn’t mean O’Malley is content to wait around and see. The tweet’s thread goes on to note several key factors that has lead up to a recent development.

Turns out, O’Malley has been talking to indie physical publishing company, iam8bit, as well as comic book publishers Oni Press, about the game. (For the uninitiated, iam8bit specialise in bringing digital games into the physical realm).

O’Malley added;

“…for years now, I’ve been talking to iam8bit about what a cool physical edition we could do if this game ever got a rerelease. Jon [from iam8bit] & Charlie at Oni Press have been doing [the] legwork to make it happen for 4+ years and still silence from Ubisoft”.

So, it’s clearly been a while that negotiations have been trying to take off. Sadly, it’s been Ubisoft who hasn’t wanted to budge on the issue, as O’Malley confirmed in the final part of this tweet;

“I keep asking around and Ubisoft hasn’t contacted me or Tribute Games or Anamanaguchi or anyone who worked on the game in any capacity. If the Scott Pilgrim game DOES get rereleased and NONE of us are involved, how messed up is that?”

Jonathan Lavigne, designer for Scott Pilgrim, founded Tribute Games. Anamanaguchi is a chiptune pop band who composed the score for Scott Pilgrim. Seemingly, Ubisoft has not contacted either of those parties.

So, is that it then?

Well, maybe not. A few days after the above tweets went live, it appears as those something might be happening. O’Malley updated us, saying;

“PS. Ubisoft has reached out to me”

This is no confirmation of the game being rereleased. This is merely a potential offering on Ubisoft’s behalf that someday, something could materialise. That being said, now might be an opportune time for Ubisoft to capitalise.

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It’s as good a time as ever. Until then though, we can all dream.

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