May 27, 2022

What’s Going On with the Mass Effect Remaster?

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster might definitely…maybe…possibly be happening. However, if it is, EA hasn’t made the announcement. Yet.

Mass Effect, BioWare’s classic space-RPG epic, was supposedly getting a remaster in October 2020.

This was based on a series of speculative articles that circulated recently.

However, if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that if the remaster was to be announced, the pandemic has put a kibosh to that.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb spoke on a recent podcast about many things. Within the podcast, Grubb said;

“Up until, like, this last week [~24th August], I know the plan for sure was to announce [Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster] in early October, release in later in October. So good news.

Maybe bad news – it’s 2020 – maybe that could start to slip, it sounds like maybe that’s a possibility, nothing for sure yet”.

Grubb insisted that it isn’t just speculation and rumour, adding;

“I know it’s real. I’ve seen more than enough evidence to know it’s real, but it’s still 2020 and they haven’t announced it yet”.

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It should be noted that Grubb did not expand on his “evidence”. And, despite the fact that it is currently half-way through September, there’s still time for EA to make the announcement.

Whether or not EA actually makes the announcement between now and Hallowe’en remains to be seen. However, if and when it happens, we’ll have the news for you, right here, at Any Button Gaming.

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