What’s Behind the Recent Fortnite Outages?

What’s Behind the Recent Fortnite Outages?

Fortnite. It’s taken over the world. Some people love it, some people hate it. While some may call it ‘a poor man’s PUBG’, you have to admit, its done amazingly over the past few months. After initially being released in July of last year, Fortnite gained momentum when the game went free on the console markets. The massively popular, and free, Battle Royale mode is by far the main attraction. It’s safe to say, Fortnite is developer Epic Games’ flagship franchise with over 45 million players worldwide. However, having 45 million players is all well and good, but keeping them all happy is a big ask.

If you didn’t already know, routine bug patch V.2.3.0, what I’d like to call the Chug Jug update, was sent out at around 09:00am UK time on the 25th January and the servers were taken offline. So what, a bug patch? They have to be done, other people will find another game to play in the meantime? Well, as players were getting anxious, a tweet from verified Twitter @FortniteGame posted at 10:53am stated that ‘downtime is going longer than expected’. So what, people may be busy doing other things? Then came another tweet at 13:01pm saying ‘we’re making some changes to the backend systems to handle growth’. Fair enough, this game is one of the fastest growing there has been in years.

Another tweet, posted just over an hour later at 14:04pm said the servers will be ‘down for at least a few more hours as we scale our backend systems’. And then another tweet, this time at 15:10pm giving the same time estimation. By now, some players were getting angry, telling the developers to ‘fix your game’ while others called for in-game currency as an apology.

Then, a glimmer of hope – @FortniteGame tweeted a link to a forum post with explanations for what had now clocked up to be over 7 hours of downtime. They said it was down to ‘performing recommended tasks to resolve a lingering database issue. Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad state.’ They attempted to restore the servers to a previous backup from before the patch, however their ‘first restore failed (due to issues *unrelated* with the quality of the backup)’ and quickly started to work on a second backup.

Finally, at 23:05pm UK time on the 25th January, the servers were back, and players flooded to try out the new additions, primarily the Chug Jug; a legendary drop that restores health and armour to maximum, taking 15 seconds to consume.

Just over 5 hours later at 04:17am on the 26th, the same Twitter account tweeted to tell us ‘some bugs made it through this week’s patch’ and that they are ‘working hard to resolve these issues’. The stand out issues were players being ‘stuck in ADS’ and ‘visual problems with building selector UI’.

Then things started going downhill with more connectivity issues – at 16:08pm on the 26th, @FortniteGame told us that they ‘are aware that some players are failing to join parties’ and are ‘investigating’. An hour later, they tweeted to say they are ‘aware of an issue that impacts PS4 players from logging in’. After another 2 hours, that turned into ‘issues logging in across all platforms’.

Hallelujah! Just 12 minutes ago at the time of writing, Sod’s Law at its finest, @FortniteGame tweeted to say ‘The login issues should now be resolved *Heavy Breathing*. We’re still working hard on resolving these friend/social problems players are having.’ Progress! While not 100% just yet, it must be reassuring for Epic Games to know its getting there.

So, no more staring into the abyss that is a blank screen! While the party issues may still be happening, I’ll get to trying to increase my fairly average 4 solo wins! What does your record look like? Are you more of a Solo player or do you prefer to Group up with friends? Let us know down in the comments below!

Source – @FortniteGame Twitter

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