May 23, 2022

What we learned from Playstation’s State of Play (October 2021)

Big focus on 3rd party studios this time!

State of Play

Well, that was a certainly interesting State of Play. Let’s dissect exactly what was revealed!

Deathverse: Let it Die

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Another attempt at the Battle Royale genre? Deathverse: Let It Die is heading to PS4 and PS5 Sometime in Spring 2022.

We are ofk

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The episodic Indie game from the band of the same name in which you control the band as they try to hit the big time is out sometime in 2022

Bugsnax The Isle of Bigsnax

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A free update is coming to Sony’s answer to Animal Crossing. The free update will include home customisation and a brand new area with new bugsnax to capture and catalogue.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

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The next terrifying instalment in the FNAF franchise finally has a release date. Will you last the night and escape the mall? Security Breach hits consoles on the 16th of December.

Death’s Door

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The rouge-like game in which you reap the souls of the dead is coming on November 23rd.

KartRider Drift

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Hey, you guys like Mario Kart rip-offs? Well, this one’s out sometime in 2022…if you care.


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The FIFTEENTH instalment in this fighting franchise is out on February 17th. But if you can’t wait that long the Open Beta starts on November 20th till the 22nd.

First Class Trouble

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Lie to your friends and quietly murder them in First Class Trouble. Out November 2nd 2021.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

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The next entry in the Star Ocean franchise made its debut in tonights State of Play. The Divine Force is due sometime in 2022.

Little Devil Inside

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The final game unveiled tonight, Little Devil Inside is due sometime next year.

And that is your lot… no seriously that was it, some interesting games heading Playstation’s way. But what did you think? Does anything spark your interest? Let us know in the comments below!

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