May 27, 2022

What we learned from Call of Duty teasers (UPDATED)

(19/08/2020) Alright, settle down! We’ve got a teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (it’s the official name) and a full trailer reveal date, take a look:

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It looks like you’ll be after a Soviet spy, code-name ‘Perseus’ (Greek mythology, slayer of monsters, most notable Medusa) who has infiltrated Western Intelligence services and is spreading misinformation, to ensure Soviet Domination in the arms race.

All will be revealed on the 26th August.

Keep it ABG for updates.

It’s been a long week and we’ve got a weeks worth of teasers and possible reveals for the upcoming and as yet untitled Call of Duty game, (But all rumours point to COD: Black Ops Cold War or just COD: Cold War).

Here at ABG, we dived headfirst into the mass of information so you don’t have to… and here’s what we know!

Not a lot as it turns out…sorry

HOWEVER, there is plenty to uncover and speculate about, so let’s get into it!

The website (Pawn takes Pawn could be a reference to the chess move ‘En Passant’ which allows a player to strike first) first appeared last week, which at first didn’t seem like much but then different website extensions started appearing on a post-it note underneath the television, so let’s start there first.

If you enter /EMC2 (Albert Einstein’s famous equation about mass to energy equivalence, used to help split the atom in WW2 and led to the creation of Nuclear Weapons) you are greeted by another post-note with reveal dates and blacked out type. After every day, a date is revealed which links to a Videocassette on the main page, but more on those later.

/tangledweb, a nod to ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave…When first we practise to deceive!’ (from the Poem ‘Marmion by Walter Scott) takes you to a document talking about secrets, ciphers, codes and how wars have been won ‘behind closed doors’ for centuries. Now here’s the interesting part. The message ends with the phrase ‘Know your history’, which is identical to the signal that has been received in-game by Call of Duty Warzone players.

/11thhour, a nod to the well-known phrase which means ‘at the last possible moment’ takes you to a note containing details about three chess matches (Spying is frequently linked to playing a game of chess) and the phrase ‘Timing is Everything‘.

Now onto the Video Tapes

So far six cassettes have been ‘released’ each labelled with dates pointing to important moments in the Cold War. Each tape shows archive footage from events of that year which are broken up by numbers flashing on the screen. Keep an eye on the video player though, because you’ll see a code which links to a grid reference in Call of Duty Warzone. *Side Note* more numbers are added to each tape every day. Let’s dive in!!

Tape One: 1961-1962

Footage Shown: JFK, including his inauguration and his famous ‘we choose to go to the moon’ speech, Fidel Castro, all the escalation and subsequent de-escalation of the Cuban Missile Crisis including the Bay of Pigs Invasion, The build-up of troops on Vietnam, Communist attacks in Laos, The Chinese invasion of India, the building of The Berlin Wall, ICBM testing including the USSR testing of a thermo-nuclear warhead, Yuri Gagarin’s mission into space, the US response, Martin Luther King and Werner Von Braun (German Rocket Scientist most well known for the creation of the V2 Rocket in WW2) also gain a mention in the tape.

Numbers: 60-08-52-48-80-15-93-37-71-15-80-08-92-25-81-37-80-38-60-48-93-18-63-28

Warzone code: WZ-H6- 49285163

This directs players to the H6 square on the Warzone map which leads to a locked door on the Krovnik Farmland. When the code is entered, the door opens, revealing a room full of codes and documents.

Tape Two: 1968-1969

Footage Shown: Vietnam war footage including the battle for Hamburger Hill, The death of Ho Chi Minh, The Tet Offensive, The Moon landing, Apollo 8, Bobby Kennedy’s speech to run for president(spoiler alert he won’t make it), the death of Chairman Mao, The riots following the death of MLK, The Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, A Campaign Ad for Nixon, USS Pueblo (Which was captured by North Korea),

Numbers: 15-09-13-21-12-06-10-24-04-11-05-17-25-18-07-11-13-12-22-1913-12-22-19-13-01-16-02

Warzone Code: WZ-B5-87624851

Head to the Boneyard on the mini-map, which will take you to a bunker, once opened a bust of Lenin, the infamous Red Telephone and a locked elevator will greet the player.

Tape Three: 1972-1973

Footage Shown: Nixon’s Inauguration, His trip to China, The Watergate Scandal, More Vietnam War footage, Ratification of the 26th Amendment, Governor Wallace’s attempted assassination, Break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters (Which leads to the Watergate Scandal), The Paris Peace Talks, The Munich Olympics (Which could be a reference to the Munich Massacre when Israeli Olympians were held hostage by the terrorist organisation Black September).

Numbers: 07-50-07-51-02-25-54-25-09-57-06-22-54-25-50-25-07-59-58-25-50-25-02

Warzone Code: WZ-H8-72948531

Head to H8 west of the Zordaya Prision where you’ll find a small swamp hut. Inside you’ll find a chassis for an RC-XD (Remote controlled Explosive Device) and a few ciphers.

Tape Four: 1977-1978

Footage Shown: Ratification of the equal rights movement, CIA Mind control experiments, Jimmy Carter’s Inauguration, USS Enterprise, Return of the Space Shuttle Columbia, News Piece about the OSS (Office of Strategic Service) and their use of mind control, LSD and TD (Truth Drug).

Numbers: 04-03-07-01-03-02-07-08-08-05-00-08-05-02-09-08-01-05-08-03-00-01-04-07

Warzone Code: WZ-B7-97264138

Head to area B7, which is in the western part of Verdansk. Here you’ll find a Bunker which houses more ciphers and RC-XD parts.

Tape Five: 1979

Footage Shown: Accident at Three Mile Island (The Worst Nuclear Accident on American Soil), Thatcher’s Election win *Shudder*, Ronald Reagan’s intention to run for President, The Soviet Invasion of Afganistan, The US Boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, The Iran Hostage Crisis, Protests about Nuclear Power and Testing, Infomation about the UN Security Council, Soviet disinformation campaigns on the western press, Iranian Revolution and subsequent hostage crisis, Money Counterfeiting, Ixtoc Oil Spill.

Numbers: 02-00-09-01-03-03-06-01-07-07-01-06-03-09-07-07-07-00-08-05-09-04-01

Warzone Code: WZ-F4-27495810

Head to F4, north of the Tavorsk District, where you’ll find a small shack next to the TV Station. Once opened the player will find a room with more ciphers and a giant map of Verdansk.

Tape Six: 1981

Footage Shown: Interview with a Soviet Double Agent, Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination, Reagan’s attack on the Polish Government after the latter imposed Martial Law across the country, Reagan’s inauguration, Space Shuttle Columbia’s launch, the end to the Iranian hostage crisis, NATO’s defence against Soviet attack, Arms reduction, The Launch of MTV (back when it only showed music videos… so when it was good)

Numbers: 01-03-02-02-03-04-01-01-02-01-03-01-02-02-06-02-03-04-03-01-05-01-02-01

Warzone Code: WZ-F8-60274513

Go to square F8, then head south of Tavorsk District, where you’ll find the Bunker, and once inside you’ll find more ciphers and a Soviet ICBM all snuggled up in its missile silo, just dreaming about ending the world.

Still with us?

So WHAT does it all mean. Well, the numbers that flash up on the videos, are strikingly similar to those seen in Call Of Duty: Black Ops (What do the numbers mean MASON!), not to mention that several events shown have already taken place in the COD universe (Most notably Bay Of Pigs, U-2 flights and Kennedy’s Assassination). So it looks like you may be revisiting those events in some way, perhaps a crossover with the characters from Black Ops. The videos date range, 1961-1981 (so far) looks as if you’ll be playing across twenty years incorporating high tension situations (get ready to save some hostages) and lots of cloak and dagger operations where stealth is key. Could this be a different direction for the Call of Duty franchise?

No doubt a trailer is just around the corner (Hopefully…. please), but until then keep coming back to check if anything else has been decrypted. Now if you’ll excuse I’m off to work for MI6 because clearly I’m a super spy.

Live look at our poor editor as he pieces together all the information

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