May 23, 2022

Ghost Of Tsushima A Highly-Anticipated Game Release

Game developer Sucker Punch’s newest release and one of the most highly anticipated games of the year is to be released this month, July 2020: Ghost of Tsushima.

It is a third person, open world, action adventure game set in Tsushima Island, Japan in the late 13th century.

The main character is Jin Sakai, who was trained as a Samurai. The Mongol Empire invade and wreak havoc defeating the locals and the Samurai forces. Jin faces a choice, to fight on as a Samurai and battle in a fight that he alone cannot win or change the path that he is on and do what he can to protect the island and its people. He must learn the unconventional fighting style known as the way of the Ghost if he is to beat the Moguls and free Tsushima.

Game director Nate Fox says: “This is a game that is entirely grounded in reality. We’re trying hard to transport people to 1274 Japan. We’re inspired by history, but we’re not building it back stone by stone. We’re not trying to rebuild Tsushima island. Our protagonist is a work of fiction.”

Rumour has it that Ghost Of Tsushima will feature the biggest map Sucker Punch has ever made. However, Fox explained that Sucker Punch didn’t want the map to feel empty, ‘We want to give enough stuff to keep it electrifying for the player. We didn’t want to make a huge map and have nothing on it. So it’s packed with people, items, and stories to explore.’

From what I have seen of the gameplay it is hugely atmospheric and the scenery is extremely picturesque. It would appear that in game travel will be done mostly on horseback moving from quest to quest or in my case, quest to side mission via another three or four side missions and then returning to the main quest line!

Sucker Punch is largely known for the “Infamous” games, the developer appears to be moving away from that formula with this title. It says farewell to high-rise cities and neon superpowers in favour of swords and stealth.

The games combat style has been the subject of much speculation. In an interview with IGN, Art & Creative Director Jason Connell is reported as saying: “There’s definitely important story moments that are more reflective of this change (from Samurai to Ghost) than others, But the reality is that even as you have gotten to some story moments, you can still play the game as this Samurai, you may just be more potent or more powerful. We don’t make you choose between (Samurai and Ghost).” When he’s a Ghost, he can turn around and play as a samurai because he’s always a samurai.” 

As with many AAA titles the game will be available to buy in different editions, all depending on how deep your wallet is. Judging by the fact that this game has gone gold already ahead of its launch would suggest that it is going to be another critically acclaimed game that Sucker Punch can add to their list.

Ghost of Tsushima is due out exclusively for the Playstation on 17th July 2020




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