Can YOU Help Any Button Gaming? Volunteers Wanted

Can YOU Help Any Button Gaming? Volunteers Wanted

Are you a gamer? Have you ever considered turning your passion for shooting things into something a bit more rewarding?

Here at Any Button Gaming, we don’t just focus on one type of content, we have a passion for every aspect of gaming. From small indie games to full-blown triple-A titles, we cover news, reviews, opinions, blogs, and more. No matter the format or console, we like to talk about it. As such, we are on the hunt for a few new writers, Streamers, and Content Creators to help us grow. We strive to be like the old gaming magazines we read as youngsters – GamesMaster, Nintendo Power, etc. 

We’re a relaxed little team here at the moment, with no real stresses when it comes to content. 

All roles within ABG are voluntary positions, so you will be joining us simply for your love of all things gaming/writing. We have had editors move on to bigger sites like Tech Raptor and Cultured Vultures. Once you’ve passed a four [4]-week trial and are able to write news articles un-aided, you will be free to create content, stream, and generally help out as you see fit.

Current Job Positions:


ABG has a team of Editors from all backgrounds and levels of experience. We will teach you as you progress through your trial. Or, if you have prior journalistic writing experience, we will help you improve your strengths and give you a platform to grow as a writer/creator.

Your trial will consist of producing four news articles per week for a period of four weeks. This will help us gauge your experience and ability to manage workloads. And, after the trial, you will only be required to produce two articles per week. This is alongside any other content* you wish to partake in (opinion/feature pieces, Youtube videos, Twitch/YouTube/Facebook Gaming streaming, podcasts, etc).

All we ask is that you’re able to write two news articles a week with larger articles once in a while and create content as and when it’s required/you are able to. All these can be on whatever topic you wish as long as it helps the site grow.

*All content is voluntary outside of the required two news articles per week.

To apply please fill in the attached form at the bottom. 

Social Media Representative:

Any Button Gaming is an ever-growing entity and has seen exponential growth year on year. However, one area we need more focus on is our social media presence. As such, we are looking for a social media representative who is comfortable using Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, etc to help spread the word and build a community.

As part of the team, you will help come up with promotions and projects to gain exposure and trust within the industry and our own community.

The successful applicant/s would need to be comfortable liaising with readers and industry members and have a good knowledge of social media trends. No experience is required, all you need is to be able to work as part of a team and be motivated. 

To apply please fill in the attached form at the bottom. 

If you have any questions please visit our Facebook page here and send us a message.

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