May 28, 2022

Well, This is Scarier Than Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Raccoon City, modders like Marcos RC and Zombie Ali (to name but a couple) have made it even more terrifying! It is some damn fine modding work on display, though!

The long-awaited Resident Evil 3 remake brings a highly-detailed Nemesis back to the game in all his remastered g(l)ory.

However, despite him looking devastating in HD quality, there’s always a way to make him even more horrifying. One word: mods.

A modder by the name of Marcos RC has taken it upon themselves to give Nemesis a distinct makeover. And the results are, in no uncertain terms, horrific.

Take a look:

YouTube player

Yep. That is Nemesis in nothing but a pair of (Umbrella Corps) Speedos. [Enter joke about hiding massive weapon here].

The mod doesn’t do anything to the gameplay other than flesh (bad choice of words) out Nemesis’ appearance. Still, for an undead zombie/Frankenstein’s monster thing, Nemesis doesn’t skip a day at the gym!

Guns for days, big beefy zom-boii!

Naturally, this isn’t the only mod to have been made for the REmake. There’s the obligatory Thomas the Tank Engine mod:

YouTube player

And a GTA: San Andreas CJ/Big Smoke mod. No sign of the iconic “Aw shit, here we go again” line, though:

YouTube player

Not bad for a game that thus far only has a demo version available. Be really cool to see what happens when the full game is released.

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