May 28, 2022

Watch Dogs: Legion source code leaks

A game about hacking gets hacked…you could not make this up

No, this isn’t a Ubisoft stunt, the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion has in fact been leaked online.

Life imitates art, as a game about hacking is literally hacked in real life by a ransomware gang going by the name of ‘Egregor’, who hacked both Ubisoft and Crytek back in October. Details about how the hackers managed to obtain the data remain unclear.

Watch Dogs
We’re in…

The source code for WD:L comes in at around 560GB, which is pretty hefty and is already available to download (if you know where to look). The source code itself is the Holy Grail of a game. It details how the game was made, opening up possibilities for Ubisoft’s competition to find out how they make their games.

But what can an average PC user expect from such a leak?


By leaking the source code, it gives modders a chance to find ways to enable mods into the game (think Star Wars in GTAV, or any mod in GTA for that matter) plus carry out optimization mods to make the game look and feel better.

On the flip side to this, it also gives cracking groups a chance to find a way to break Ubisoft’s anti-piracy measures, which are pretty stringent, plus it opens up routes for cheaters.

While it seems the hackers have only leaked about 20MB from Ubisoft, 300MB has been leaked from Crytek, specifically from their game development division. The leak details resources and information about the development process of both Arena of Fate and Warface

Ubisoft is aware of the group’s claim but is staying silent on revealing anything else.

Watch Dogs: Legion is out now on all major platforms, with Xbox Series X version out on the consoles launch day (November 10th) and PS5 version out 12th November.

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