May 22, 2022

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Show Off New Player Characters

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Header

New Watch Dogs Legion leaks have given us a glimpse into some of the new types of character we’ll have access to when the game finally releases.

According to the leaked screenshots, the new specialist characters now include cops, spies, and football hooligans. Perhaps the best detail being that this particular hooligan’s passive ability is that he takes less damage whilst drunk.

Legion is the third instalment in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series, this time set in Britain – more specifically a post-Brexit London. Somewhat surprisingly, Watch Dogs is proving to be one of Ubisoft’s more experimental franchises.

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Cop

Legions of Ambition

The first instalment saw a drab version of Chicago with some promising mechanics and gameplay, but all the charisma of a piece of cardboard. The second, having learned from the criticisms of the first, gave us a much more charismatic player-character and setting. As well as improvements to gameplay pretty much across the board.

This third outing has potential to be the most ambitious yet, with the confirmed feature that anyone you see in the world is a potential player-character. According to screenshots in the now-removed reddit post from user joelioio, it seems some of those characters include the roles we mentioned earlier.

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Spy

Cult of Personalities

If you find a cop to recruit to your hacktivist cause, it looks like you’ll gain access to police uniforms, as well as the “Bail Out” ability – which appears to let you release any of your teammates who’ve been arrested.

Probably the coolest of the three is the spy. Take control of the spy and you’ll be able to utilise things like a silenced pistol, a signal-jamming watch, and a tricked-out spy car with missiles and cloaking.

Finally, while probably not the coolest of the three, the football hooligan offers the funniest of the abilities – the Tough Drunk ability. A seemingly passive ability that lets you take less damage if you’re drunk. Hooligans also have the Rally Cry ability, letting you bring your friends along to watch you survive an extra-hard beating.

Watch Dogs Legion Leaks Hooligan

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Legion, the latest info being about its indefinite delay. Though if the timing of these leaks is anything to go by, we can probably expect to hear more at the Ubisoft Forward presentation this Sunday, July 12th.

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