Wario Breaks the Internet

Wario Breaks the Internet

When you think of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series of games, there are some things you probably don’t think about.

Chief amongst them would probably be the anatomy of the colourful characters. However, a recent trailer for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 game has done just that.

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This is the trailer featuring the offending images. Note: This trailer is uploaded in native Japanese, but the main area of interest is from 2:28

Heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year, the upcoming game will feature the cast of both Nintendo and Sega’s biggest franchises compete, funnily enough, at the Olympic Games.

The trailer also showed off Dr Eggman and Wario standing on the podium, waving at the crowd, and…well, check it out below.

(Thanks to @antdude92 on Twitter for the screengrab)

Yep. Eggman and Wario appear topless in a Nintendo-licensed game.

That’s not all, however, as many fans noted that Wario is seemingly missing nipples!

(and thanks to @RobbyB3ll4s for this screengrab

Fans of Super Mario Odyssey will remember that Nintendo also barred Mario’s nipples from being shown. Weirdly though, Eggman’s nipples are still on full display. The jury is still out on whether or not the pair do or do not have belly-buttons in-game.

What a weird and wonderful time to be a gamer

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