July 3, 2022

Wargroove cross play coming to all platforms, except one

During the Nindies broadcast on Wednesday 23rd January, the turn based strategy game Wargroove was confirmed to have a release date of 1st February 2019. Along with the single player campaign, the game will also support local and online multiplayer for up to 4 players. It was also confirmed just recently via a tweet from Chucklefish Games that the game will also support cross play for online multiplayer as well.

Wargroove cross play functionality will be supported for PC, Switch and Xbox One at launch, however there will be no cross-play features with Playstation 4. This will come as no surprise considering that Sony are still pretty reluctant to flip the switch in general, with the exception of a select few titles including Fortnite and Rocket League to allow the function. These only came about as well after widespread backlash from the media and the public alike regarding the situation.

Wargroove will release first on PC, Switch and Xbox One and will have cross play enabled at launch, while the PS4 release has yet to have a confirmed release date other than 2019.

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