VROOM KABOOM – Playstation 4 Review

VROOM KABOOM – Playstation 4 Review

VROOM KABOOM is a strange mash up on first glance, with its card style/tower defence/driving game format not something you see often or ever.

I jumped straight into the training mode to see how all these elements come together and immediately you can see that Ratloop Games Canada are trying to put their spin on the tower defence genre.

Game Layout

You start opposite your “Mad Max” style adversary on a long post apocalyptic road with two towers either side and 3 walls arrayed in front of each to somewhat protect them (the side walls don’t offer much).

Your cards show which vehicles you can play; from motorbikes up to a tank called Frank and helicopters, but they cost resources that can be picked up from the track or by recycling cards.

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Not everything is explained in the training of VROOM KABOOM, but some game elements can be worked out on your own; specifically the card details that show vehicle stats.

You don’t so much control the vehicles as change their lanes, nitro or use its weapons before you try to crash it into your opponents towers.

It’s quite entertaining for a few tries, especially when you get to go first person mode whilst controlling a missile.

Though this novelty wears off when you realise half your vehicles get destroyed by your opponent on the way and there is no difficulty setting you can change.

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Not great weather for a vehicle assault

Awkward Controls

Vehicle controls are very arcadey and awkward with heavy vehicles slow and cumbersome to handle, compared to the smaller vehicles in VROOM KABOOM being completely opposite and hard to keep on some maps with so many obstacles.

The lack of a difficulty setting can make it challenging at first, notably till you find out when to use the vehicles special skills.

This being most evident during the campaign mode where you can be paired in a 2 v 2 match and not be sure what your AI partner is trying to do, with you both getting in each others way and the camera not adjusting to show your position.

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Not likely to pass it’s next MOT

This also led to some evidence of the vehicle getting stuck due to the vehicles moving forward of its own volition and your input is only horizontal or to jump with some cards.

I would become instantly wedged sideways and have to just write off that card played, with it usually just exploding.

No Explanation of the World State

There is no story to discover, I did start wondering what has happened to the world and why this is how we’re spending our time. There are 3 factions to choose from though the differences between them are minor in regards to gameplay.

To put it simply SkullBorough is Mad Max, Drift City is futuristic Tokyo drift and Soul Station reminds me of muscle cars from GTA San Andreas.

The customisation to your post apocalypse avatar in VROOM KABOOM also minimal, offering cosmetic facial accessories and strangely no option of hair. I guess the post apocalypse society has bigger issues.

The Transformers about to drop the hottest rap album of the post apocalypse

The Transformers about to drop the hottest rap album of the post apocalypse

As with most modern games VROOM KABOOM has loot boxes that contain a currency to buy new cards and customise your deck. This adds a slight layer of customisation, though to get the more expensive cards it will take heavy grinding.

VROOM KABOOM is VR compatible which is a nice touch as well as being available on Steam.

To summarise it seems more like an aspect or mini game from a bigger title that isn’t entertaining enough in long stretches, about an hour tops to be honest.

The graphics aren’t awful but a generation behind and the music is mildly varied and even atmospheric at times though that feeling quickly wears off, this is because the obnoxious commentator spews out the same phrases to instantly burn rapport.

Pros –

  • VR Option
  • Fun Concept
  • Multiplayer

Cons –

  • Vehicle Controls
  • Card System is not well balanced
  • Friendly AI
  • That Damn Commentator

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  • 5.5/10
    Overall - 5.5/10


A interesting new concept of mashed up genres, but let down by AI and controls.

If the player had better control of the vehicles and an option to change the difficulty, the game could be a lot more enjoyable.

Can be fun to play against friends, but not much single player entertainment.

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