VR Fitness Game PowerBeatsVR is Coming to Oculus Quest App Lab

VR Fitness Game PowerBeatsVR is Coming to Oculus Quest App Lab

VR developer Five Mind Creations today announced that the full version of their VR fitness game PowerBeatsVR, which has been awarded and nominated several times in its category, will launch on Oculus Quest App Lab on October 20, 2021

PowerBeatsVR utilizes the full room-scale potential of the Oculus Quest 1 and 2 to challenge players to move and box to the rhythm of energetic music. With a wide variety of included songs and pre-made workouts to choose from and the ability to play with own music to auto-generated workouts, PowerBeatsVR has players working up a sweat and calories burning in no time!

With PowerBeatsVR, we want to give everyone easy access to a fun and addictive workout anywhere, anytime, and without any subscription ever.” Dr. Niklas Weber, Creative Director

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About PowerBeatsVR

The Oculus Quest release of PowerBeatsVR has been further enhanced and polished and will run smoothly with 72Hz on Oculus Quest 1 and 90Hz on Quest 2. It’s going to have every single feature of the PCVR release except for direct Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitor support. Everything else will be fully available: 

  • The app features over 20 free songs with more than 50 professionally designed workouts and global leaderboards.
  • A configurable auto-generator generates endless more workouts for the player’s own music.
  • An in-game editor allows for even more variety and workouts made from scratch by the users themselves.
  • The game tracks various fitness metrics like calories burnt and squats.
  • It comes with a playlist feature for tailored and continuous play sessions.
  • Four beautifully designed environments and four playstyles complete the experience and keep those workouts fresh and exciting. 

Head over to www.powerbeatsvr.com/oculusquest to find more about the Oculus Quest release of PowerBeatsVR.

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